A Quizzer’s Job: It’s More Challenging Than You Think

Quizzers’ jobs exist. It’s not a common job in job portals, but it does exist. It’s one of those jobs that will keep you at the edge of your feet, as you strive to please your clients. A quizzer is expected to write the right questions while considering many factors. So, what’s waiting for you as a quizzer?


Structuring Questions for Clients

As a quizzer, get ready for diversity. It is not enough to write questions designed for the players of the quiz, but you have to also keep in mind the structure of the question. What’s appropriate and what’s not? If it’s about coupon codes on products, it’s going to be fun, less serious, and most likely based on common sense. But if you got a client who is on a corporate side, it’s important to structure appropriate questions.

Pub Questions Are the Hardest

quizBased on experience, quizzers highly get requests for pub questions. As a quizzer, it’s your job to compose questions that will not only measure the general knowledge of contestants but also include questions that are based on luck. The questions should encourage facial expressions or curiosity from the players. The quiz challenge in dinner cruise Amsterdam is a good example of good pub questions.

It Pays to Have a Reviewer

Quizzers do have a reputation to maintain. Like in show business, you need to have a good track of record and successful events. One mistake could taint your reputation as a quizzer, this is the reason why it pays to have a reviewer like a madame Tussaud. He or she needs to be credible as well. You need someone who has an eye for the smallest details. And don’t forget to ask for the corrected items, so you’ll learn from them.

Relax, It’s a Demanding Job, But You Can Do It

At first, you will find yourself asking questions inside your head. Am I doing the right thing? Am I asking the right questions? Are they going to like this? There are so many ifs, but relax, you can do it. To be a good quizzer, you have to be strong in your research. Ask questions to your clients, and don’t be shy about it.