Questions to Avoid as a Quizzer

quizIf you are wondering if there are questions you should avoid as a quizzer, yes, there are tons. There’s no best way to ruin an event than offending someone among the participants. The questions should be interesting, funny, and informative, but never cross the following lines when composing questions.

Any Remarks That Might Be Related to Racism

We all know that racism is a sensitive subject. As much as possible, don’t thread on this topic. If your clients specifically ask for these questions, make sure that everything goes in writing. Things could escalate quickly and turn simple disagreements into a suit. Besides, there are so many ways to sound funny without offending anyone. No need to belittle anyone’s belief, race, nor culture just to have fun. Remember, the quiz should bind people together not turn them against each other.

Sex-Biased Questions Will Raise Eyebrows

You are in big trouble if you reached the end line of anti-discrimination groups. It’s quite normal to discuss the difference between men and women in terms of behavior, interests, traits, and so on. Some stand up comedians tackle this during their shows, and everything is okay. But you can’t expect the same reaction from people. Just to be safe, avoid sex-biased questions. If you have friends who are sensitive on this subject, ask them if they will get offended if you ask the question to them.


Avoid Engaging on Sensitive Issues Where You Need to Take Sides

The reason why quiz events don’t like this type of questions is that it creates division among the participant. It can create an argument which results in a debate and chaos like in the Amsterdam zoo. One example, Is nuclear plant considered a biohazard? There is a right answer to this question, but not all people would agree with this fact. An environmentalist might step in and counter the facts that you have prepared to explain the answer.