Tips for Nailing Trivia Questions for Parties and Events

What’s fun about trivia questions is that there are no rules as long as the questions are fun and engaging. Trivia questions are great for parties and other events. These questions are designed to engage a group of strangers and friends to make them closer after the event. Trivia questions can be written by non-professionals, just keep in mind the following tips to deliver questions impeccably.

Start With an Interesting Title

quizTrivia questions should have titles and category. Make it fun and timely. Remember, trivia questions are designed to make people laugh and interested throughout the session. So, no need to be critical with grammar nor composition. First, pick a category like Amsterdam bike rental and what to do in Amsterdam which is isolated for certain people. You can also go for general knowledge titles like holidays around the world.

Let’s Talk About Strategy

When you’re writing trivia questions, at least make sure that someone or the majority of the people in the group could answer the question. Fire up the laptop and search top possible questions with answers. One example is, name the protagonist for the following movie: Top Gun. Most of the audience can answer this question. As the level goes up, then the questions will be tougher. It’s important to give them a thrill. Trivia questions should be a roller coaster ride with a happy ending.


It’s Time to Be Creative

Since trivia questions are designed to entertain, it’s your call what’s going to be the scoring system, the punishment and the prize. You don’t have to stick with the renting a bike in Amsterdam trick, you can think of your charade and style. You can make it tough or easy depending on your audience. Just have fun with it, and imagine how the event would go based on the list of questions you have on hand.